Voices of Africa

The South African newspaper Mail & Guardian has launched a project aimed at countering the bad news about life in Africa that dominates the mainstream news agenda. By recruiting writers from all over the continent in what looks like a coordinated citizen journalism effort, the “Voices of Africa” project wants to paint a different picture than the “one-dimensional struggle to survive war, poverty, corruption and disease; an ongoing saga of famine and failure”. Instead of the usual bleak stereotype of Africa offered by the global media, this project wants to show “how we live in Africa, not how we die; how we thrive as multifaceted humans, not merely as survivors”. It is “an ongoing series of lively articles written by Africans about life in ‘their’ Africa — ordinary people getting on with their own lives, often in the face of adversity.”

Some of the stories featured already are about street life on a Saturday night in Kwame Nkrumah street in Harare, the expensive wedding business in Tanzania and the price of tiramisu in Addis Ababa.

Quite nice.  Check it out here.


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